Imran Khan apologizes and walks away from the interview

Imran Khan is one of the most charismatic cricketers in the history of the game. He used to play in times when the world of cricket had names like Kapil Dev, Ian Botham, and many great West Indian players. In those times, Imran made a name for himself.

Imran is the only fast bowler in the history of cricket, who changed his entire run up and bowling action. No one has ever done it before that and not even till now. It is not an easy job but Imran’s hard work made it possible.

Imran had his own rules and regulations. He was pretty strict as a player and captain. He used to play his own team and still Imran not only gave Pakistan many memorable victories but also players who later became the champions of modern day cricket.

Imran once was giving an interview to a sports reporter inside the ground after the match finished. The reporter wanted to acquire Imran’s views on the preparation of Pakistan team for the England’s tour. Pakistan was set to travel to the home of cricket after a few months.

Imran first could not hear the question properly because of the noise made by the public. When he did before he could have answered the question his name was announced from the stage and Imran had to leave te interview. He apologized to the reporter and made his way t the stage to collect the trophy.

Imran Khan holds a special place in the hearts of Pakistan cricket fans. He is a national hero and people still love and respect him from the core of their hearts because he was, is and will remain a very honest nd patriotic Pakistani in the eyes of his countrymen.

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