Aleem Dar’s another brilliant decision in ENG v BAN 2nd ODI

Remember the guy who exactly likes the same as Indian test captain Virat Kohli. He was taken out of the Indoor stadium today. The police took the look alike out of the stands and then out of the stadium as well.

Also as per the reports he has been asked not to return towards the stadium in any condition. This is pretty strange as this guy did not make any negative effort to take the center stage. We have seen in the past how to look alike do crazy thing to get the attention of the media and stars.

This guy whose name has not been told by the police used to come every day to watch the match. He is a big fan of Virat Kohli. Now that was just a matter of luck that his face matches that of the Indian skipper and his favorite player.Now as per the inside sources, police has a fear that this guy might be taken as the real Kohli by some people. Also, he can give troubles to the police if he wants to, this is what the Indian police think. This is pretty hilarious.

As for the match, it seems that India is going to get another clean sweep here. New Zealand is struggling on this turning track. They are far behind India which now has a huge lead over the visitors. Indian batting and bowling are pretty strong for any team in the world in this part of the world. They know these tracks. They have defeated big teams on these same tracks. So beating Indian in India is something which only Pakistan can do. Rest of the teams only sink to defeat on these pitches and conditions. New Zealand will have to be really good to escape the third defeat in the series.

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