Worst umpiring decision in Quaid E Azam trophy 2016

In Pakistan cricket most of the people are seen talking about the standards of bowling and batting. They main focus is on how to raise the levels of batting and bowling and there are some measures taken in this regards as well. But there is one other department where people are much focused about. This is the umpiring field. There is no doubt that the umpiring standards in Pakistan are below average. Many of the decisions we see are pretty bad in Pakistan cricket.

Unlike many other cricket playing nations Pakistan domestic cricket is out of facilities. The umpires don’t have much facilities as well. They don’t get proper training as well. Most of them do other jobs to meet both ends in Pakistan. Now under such problems there is always a chance that you don’t focus much on the game. This is the prime example which we can see here. The two umpires gave one of the worst decision in the history of Quaid E Azam trophy.

The bowler who is a spinner comes in bowls to the batsman. Now the batsman sweeps the ball hard. The ball hits the bat and then goes to the short fine leg fielder. Now the ball hit the ground before hitting the shin pad of the fielder.

After that it goes in the air and was caught by another fielder on the leg side. The bowling team thought that the ball hit the short fine leg fielder on the full. The wicket keeper of this team had a pretty good idea about the ball hitting the ground first but he remained silent. A true example of killing the sports ethics shown here from him.

Now there was an appeal for a catch made. The front umpire went to the leg side umpire to see if he picked up anything. Honestly it was the front umpire who had the best view. The leg side umpire had the fielder in front of him and hence it was hard for him to judge this catch. The two had a chat and then they give the batsman out.

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