Unbelievable moments from World T20 so far

There is a long list of events in the ongoing World T20 that stunned the crowd as well as the players. From the thrilling finish between India and Bangladesh to the spectacular catches from Sarkar and Maqsood. The spin of Santner and a whole lot more is here.

Maqsood took a breather in the game between Oman and Ireland. He was stationed at short covers and he caught a full blooded cover drive from his left hand. Maqsood had to make a long leap to his left get near to the ball and grab it with one hand eventually.

Maqsood’s take was the first spectacular catch of the World T20. Another one was taken by the Bangladeshi batsman Soumya Sarkar in the deep. He took this catch in the game against India that eventually end up being a real thriller.

Pandya hit the ball from the middle of his bat against Al-Amin Hussain and this ball was travelling at the speed of knots. Sarkar had to make a lot of ground to his left and at the end, he had to dive in front of himself and take the ball accidently in his left hand.

This catch was surely not intentional. He went for it but he was lucky to have it with his left hand. The game then later went in the final over and Bangladesh somehow gave away a game that they were almost certain to win.

Mushafiqur was able to get two very important boundaries in the final over. There was nothing left to get and all Bangladesh batters to get was 2 singles but they failed and lost three wickets on the last three balls and gave India a very important win.

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