Umar Gul hits Stokes, Root laughing hard

Umar Gul made his come back to the Pakistan side in the last series against England. He was part of the limited overs cricket between Pakistan and hosts England. Gul in one game hit Stokes and that created a scene in the middle.

It was a short ball from Gul which Stokes tried to pull on the leg side. The ball hit the lower part of the bat and went straight to the groin area of Stokes. The Englishman was on the floor straight away. Bairstow and Root found it really hard to stop their laughs.

This incident happened in the final ODI of the series. Pakistan lost the first four games. This was their last chance to get some respect from the crowd. Umar Gul bowled well in the game. He hit a decent line and length with the new and old ball.

Against Stokes he kept the ball short most of the time and the line was off stump or outside the off stump. Stokes found it hard to get his bat on the ball most of the times. There were overcast conditions and hence batting was not that easy. This was another short ball slightly outside the off stump. Stokes gave this one everything. He tried hammer the ball on the leg side. It seems that he was beaten with the pace here. The ball a bit slower to the expectations of the English all-rounder.

The ball hit the inside part of the bat and unfortunately the ball darted towards the groin of Stokes. The blow was hard and it put Stokes down on the pitch. The helmet was off from the English all-rounder. His partner Bairstow was the first one to smile on the incident. Later the camera showed Joe Root and he was seen laughing hard while sitting in the bench. Now this is not the first time what Root has been caught laughing when an English player has been hit like this. Root previously laughed on his test captain Cook as well.

Cook was hit in the same area when he was fielding in the slips. Root could not stop his laugh watching his captain doing down on the ground. He was sitting beside him covering his laugh with his right hand. This time he was laughing all openly. Pakistan did well in the game. They won the game by giving a comprehensive batting performance. The tour ended with two wins for Pakistan.

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