Umar Akmal and Saeed Ajmal funny catch drop

Pakistan cricket is full of funny moments. Like every other sports this one has its own funny moments and there is no doubt that these funny moments are sometimes even more interesting than the match itself. One such moment happened in a game between Pakistan and West Indies. This match was played in Abu Dhabi and Saeed Ajmal the spin king was bowling to Darren Sammy. Now Sammy has always been an important wicket for the opponents.

Ajmal went around the wicket to Sammy. This was a good delivery from Ajmal. It spun and bounced at the same time and Sammy who went for his favorite on side jab was clearly taken by surprise on this one. The ball hit the top edge of his bat.

Now as the ball went in the air Umar Akmal and Saeed Ajmal both went for the catch. The ball did not go much further from the two and in fact it was in the center of both these players. Umar Akmal shouted for the catch.

Saeed Ajmal did not listen to the shout and went for himself. Now as the ball came down both Umar and Ajmal hands collided and the ball hit them before dropping onto the ground. The reaction after this drop from Umar and Ajmal was worth watching for.

Umar was more frustrated than even the bowler. He was seen saying to Ajmal that it was his catch. Technically Umar was right. The ball was near him and hence it was a wicket keeper’s catch. Ajmal somehow jumped into the scene.

Technically it was Ajmal who made the wrong call. It was not his catch. The ball was near to Umar Akmal as well and as per the nature of the game, if the ball is catchable for the wicket keeper then it is his duty to go for it and not any other fielder. This is the reason that Umar called for this and when the catch was spoiled he was more frustrated than Ajmal. Darren Sammy was looking into all this pretty keenly. He knew that he got a second chance.

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