Shoaib Malik brilliant effort at the boundary line

Chittagong Vikings are out of the BPL 2016. Today they lost their eliminator against the Rajshahi Kings. Vikings had their chances in the game but eventually it was the bat of Rajshahi captain Darren Sammy that took the game away from them.

Chittagong Vikings were desperate in the field and they did their best to hang on to all the chances. The boundary line effort from Shoaib Malik which eventually ended up as a catch by Jahurul Islam clearly showed that Vikings wanted to move forward in the game.

This hit came from the bat of Rajshahi Kings opener Nurul Hasan. This was an orthodox off spinner from Saqib. Now Nurul went down the track and tried to hit the ball over long off. Now Malik was fielding at long off. This ball was over him.

Malik took a few steps back and then he pulled his hands to take the ball over his head. Now as the catch was taken and Malik was facing towards the boundary line, it became hard for him to control his balance. Such catches have this in the package.

Malik looked around and saw Jahurul running in. There was no chance for Malik to complete this catch. The ball was in his hands and he was falling over the line. He threw the ball to Jahurul just before he hit the other side of the boundary.

It was Jahurul who completed this catch for Malik. It was a wonderful effort from Malik. Such catches only look easy but they are not. You as a fielder have to take a lot of things under consideration while attempting such catches.

As for the match, Vikings fought well but Kings were even better. They lost 7 wickets in a quick time. They had Captain Sammy on the crease and he shifted the balance of the game with his brilliant 55 runs innings. Sammy stayed till the end. He was given a good hand by the Rajshahi pace bowler Farhad. Rajshahi Kings will now move forward in the knock out stages.

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