Shoaib Akhtar sinks India with pace

Shoaib Akhtar undoubtedly was the kind of fast bowling. As per the modern day technology which has successfully identified the pace of the fast bowlers, Shoaib was the fastest of them all. He bowled fast throughout his career.Shoaib was not like Wasim, Waqar or even Dale Steyn. His problem was that he never compromised on bowling fast. He was always there bowling 90 plus mph. Wasim shortened his run up and pace with the passage of time and use to take wickets using his experience.

Now Dale Steyn is doing the same. To play long he has reduced his pace and still he is pretty dangerous. Shoaib well he never did that. He used to run in after a long run-up and bowled as fast as he could. This forced him to take an early retirement.

Shoaib could have prolonged his career but he did not. He had a high ego as a fast bowler and he kept on looking at it and listening to it only. Shoaib here is seen bowling to India in an ODI played in Pakistan and he took India out in the final overs.

Shoaib first ball was a slower one and Kaif hit it straight to point where Shoaib Malik took a very easy catch. It was not a tough chance and Shoaib took his first wicket. On the very next ball, he took Zaheer Khan lbw out. This ball was again fast and bowled with a very straight line. Zaheer missed it out because of the pace and he was plumb in front of the stumps.

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