Sharjeel Khan playing tennis cricket with kids

Sharjeel Khan is a good induction in the Pakistan cricket team. He is a good striking opener and he can hit the ball hard and long. Sharjeel Khan has performed in the recent series as well. He did well in Ireland to start with.Later in England he was good. He did fail on a few occasion as the swing caused him a lot of troubles. But then again most of the Pakistani batters made low scores because of this one issue. Swing has always given Pakistani players problems in the past as well.

In the last T20 and ODI series against West Indies, Sharjeel did well. He did not get runs in the T20 series but in the ODIs, he was really good. He scored runs in the series. The strike rate for the left hander was really good.

Sharjeel Khan Issues are with the pitches. He flourishes on a specific kind of tracks. If the deck is flat and with good bounce. He will get runs. Even if the track has grass it does not matter. It is the inconsistent bounce and spin which troubles him.Sharjeel did not get many runs in the T20 series because of these issues. The wickets in UAE are very much sluggish. They give the batters issues. This is the reason Sharjeel struggled. The moment he got good tracks he scored runs.

Here we see him batting in a street cricket match. Sharjeel first shot was on the off side. The ball was cut through the point area. The bounce was a lot and Sharjeel did get a few really good balls. The ball was when hit on the leg side as well. Sharjeel did hit some good shots as well. Sharjeel has played tennis ball cricket a lot. He knows how to bat in these games.

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