Sharjeel Khan playing street cricket in Karachi

Pakistani cricketers normally did get leisure time. Their schedule is so tough that they are most of the time playing international cricket. We all know how often teams are touring other countries and playing international cricket.Same is the case with Pakistan team. The Pakistani player gets a very little time to spend with their families. They make sure that when they get that time, they spend it with their friends and families. Here we see the Pakistani left handed opener Sharjeel Khan playing street cricket in Karachi.

Sharjeel Khan has recently finished the West Indies series for Pakistan. He was part of the T20 and ODI squad. Sharjeel could not perform much in the T20 series but he was good in the ODI. The wickets did play a bit tricky.Sharjeel is that sort of a player who hits the ball aerial most of the time. He has the power to hit the ball over the infield. But to do that he needs a good hard pitch. The pitches in UAE are sluggish. This is the reason he did not get many runs here.

But then again there is no doubt about his talent. Tennis cricket is something which each Pakistani cricketer has played. Sharjeel is one of them. He has played a lot of tennis ball cricket. Here he is doing the same. He lives in Karachi and in his neighborhood he was seen batting with other kids.Sharjeel first cut the ball on the off side. The ball was quick and he just put his bat in front of it. He then defended a few balls. He had to bend as well when a bouncer was bowled at him. The hard ball tactics are working for Sharjeel.

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