Shahid Afridi special message to the Pakistani nation

First Waqar and now it is the captain of the Pakistan T20 team Shahid Afridi who has come out of the shadows and recorded a special message for the Pakistani nation. Afridi apologized for the team performance and also the way he played in the World T20.

Shahid Afridi has said that his cricket has been a matter of integrity for him for the past 20 years. He said that each time he walked into the ground wearing the green shirt with the PCB logo imprinted on it, the people of Pakistan were always in the back of his mind.

Afridi said that in the media there has been a lot of talk about him and his performances. He said that he is not bothered about any of the person talking about him. He has performed for the people and will always care for the people.

Afridi said that he is really sad with the way he and his team played in the World T20. He said that he is really hurt and want to apologize to the fans whom he did n give some happy moments in recent events. Pakistan lost poorly in the recent series then Asia cup and now in the World T20.

Afridi is clearly not going anywhere for the time being. He will play in the team as a player under some other captain. Now this will start a new debate in the media and among his fans. People wanted him to get retire but now it seems Afridi has stepped back from what he said prior to the World T20.

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