Shahid Afridi hits one-handed six to Shane Warne

Shahid Afridi belongs to that league of cricketers who gave cricket a new blood. He was one of the very first batsmen who started hitting the ball hard and long. Afridi used to play T20 cricket when no one ever thought of this format.

His job was always to get in and hit the ball hard and long. He never backed off from playing attacking cricket. his bat used to fire runs all the time. this was a massive turn over in cricket. he was a complete success story Shahid Afridi.

Here we see him hitting Shane Warne out of the park. Now the best thing about this shot is that he did not hit it properly and yet the ball traveled all the way for a six. Shane are tossed this one up and Afridi was immediately out of his crease.

He reached the pitch of the ball and the moment his bat hit the ball, he lost his right hand off the grip of the bat. the ball was hit with one hand and yet the force behind the shot was so much that it made it travel all the way and hit the sight screen. Afridi showed that he got the muscles to hit the ball for six using one hand.

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