Shahid Afridi batting, BPL 2016

Rangpur Riders have come to an end of their journey in BPL 2016. It is not a happy finishing for this team. They were not a weak unit but their only mistake was that they lost a couple of very crucial games. Had they won them then a place in the semifinals was assured for them.

Rangpur Riders had the best spin attack as per the experts. Shahid Afridi was their leading the spin attack and the former Pakistani captain proved his talent and experience. Afridi took wickets in almost all the games.

He was brilliant in the field. He was seen guiding all his teammates during the fielding in almost all the matches. So Afridi did his part. His efforts with the bat were not much but still in a few games he really batted well. But now he is out of the league as well.

The batting from the Rangpur Riders was not up to the standards. Also today in their most important game they did not even bowl well. Against Comilla Victorians a team which was at the bottom of the table, Rangpur Riders conceded 170 runs. Now this was a huge total for the Riders looking at their batting line.

Shahid Afridi hit 5 boundaries in his innings. He started with a six over long on. This was a length ball and Afridi heaved it just over the fielder Rashid. This shot did not come off the middle but still there was enough power behind it to take the ball over the ropes.

Immediately after this Afridi slashed the ball through the backward point area and scored his first four as well. Later he smashed his second six of the game against Safi. Another length ball and Afridi does not miss those. Then he played a late cut through third man and posted his second four of the game. the final boundary for Afridi was over short fine leg. After that he got out.

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