Shahid Afridi apologizes to the nation

In the morning, we have seen the Pakistan team head coach Waqar Younis apologizing to the Pakistani nation for his team’s poor performance in the World T20. It is now the captain Shahid Afridi who has given a video message to the nation and demanded the same.

Afridi said that he would like to apologize to the public for the lame performance he and his team have given in the recent tournaments. Pakistan did not make it to the final of the Asia Cup and recently has lost three out of four games in the group stage in World T20.

Afridi as a captain and a player was absolutely reckless. His decisions were irrational and his role as a captain was nowhere be seen.

But then again as he is now apologizing so things will take a different turn now. Afridi said that for 20 years he has played cricket only for the people of Pakistan. He said that he is absolutely bothered less about what people in media are saying about him.

He said that he only cares about the people who have made him and they are the fans of cricket in Pakistan. he said that he cares much about the fans and as he has not performed well so he wants to apologize to his people.

Afridi did not talk about his retirement so this is simple here that he is not going anywhere. Afridi will keep on playing the T20 format but not as a captain. He will play as a regular player. This now will be up to the PCB how they handle this matter because Afridi gave them his words that after World T20 he will retire for which he was made the captain of the Pakistan cricket team.

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