Sarfraz Nawaz shocking revelations about Shahid Afridi

Sarfraz Nawaz has always been a controversial character in Pakistan cricket. In the past, he has has been involved in ball tampering. He was a pretty average bowler but with the reverse swing, he used to do magic with the ball.Sarfraz in his recent interview has lashed back at Afridi. He has put his own allegations on the former captain of Pakistan team. Sarfraz said that Afridi is a match fixer. He said that when the case will go to court there will be truth coming out whether he likes it or not.

Sarfraz said that the 2011 world cup semi final against India was fixed. Afridi was the captain and he asked Misbah to play till the end and don’t hit big shots. He himself was caught on a full toss. He said that Afridi did fix that game.Sarfraz also said that there are a lot of other incidents which makes him a dubious person. He said that Afridi bites the ball in Australia. He wanted to do something with the ball and as a result, he started tampering it.

He also retired from test cricket just after one game in England back in 2010. That series was controversial. There was spot fixing done in that. Not only that but we saw the Pakistani players getting caught as well.As per Sarfraz Nawaz, he has no doubts in his mind that when the matter will go to court. Then Shahid Afridi reputation will be damaged a lot. He said that people will know the truth about him. The matters will be investigated and hence there will be no room left for Afridi. He has done some awful things so his advice to Afridi is not to get into the court matters against Javed Miandad.

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