Sarfraz Nawaz angry on Shahid Afridi

After many of the fans former cricketer, Sarfraz Nawaz is also not happy with Shahid Afridi. Sarfraz feels that Shahid Afridi has made a huge mistake speaking against Javed Miandad. He said that there were a lot of things which remained in the darkness and now they will come out.

Sarfraz on a TV interview said that Afridi is not a clean guy. He was the captain of Pakistan team back in world cup 2011. The semifinal played against India at Mohali was a fixed game. The results of the game were pretty dubious.

He said that Pakistan could have easily won that game. There are also rumors that in that game the state was also involved. The president and prime minister of Pakistan wanted the team to lose to India to get some benefits from the Indian government.But there were not some solid proofs to establish this fact. But Sarfraz said that not only this there are many other incidents in which you will find Afridi guilty. He said that Afridi bites the ball in Australia in order to tamper it.

He left the Pakistan test side at a very crucial point back in England during the 2010 series. Afridi has always been a dubious character, as per Sarfraz. He said that there are many other incidents which would make him very suspicious.

He said that when these two will get into court then things will open up. He said that Afridi should not go into court. If he goes into the court then Miandad will definitely come up with something which will not help Afridi. There will be things of the past opening up to the common people. Afridi should avoid going into the court this is what Sarfraz Nawaz wants him to do in order to save many things.

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