Mohammad Irfan wicket of Ahmad Shahzad, QeA Trophy Final 2016

WAPDA side has surely taken a strong stand in the finals of Quaid E Azam trophy finals at Karachi. In the first innings they bowled well and it was the dynamic pair of Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Irfan who ripped through the batting order of HBL.

Ahmad Shahzad was the famous name from the HBL batting and Irfan took him out on a short ball. This one climbed onto Ahmad pretty quickly and he was in no position to play a pull shot. Ahmad top edged the ball and was caught at mid-on.

Mohammad Irfan picked up 3 wickets in the first innings. This was the most important of them all for the reason that Ahmad has a vast international experience. He has played a lot of international games thought out the glove for the Pakistan side.

HBL were counting on Ahmad a lot. He has been their main player in the championship. But the pink ball effect was there to be seen. In the past we have seen that the pink ball swings a lot in Karachi under lights. Here again we saw the same effect.

Asif and Irfan were unplayable. The HBL batters did not play the right kind of shots against them. But then again there were some balls which were absolutely unplayable. They went through the defenses of the HBL batters. Ahmad Shahzad played the wrong shot here. The wicket was new and it was generating bounce and pace as well. Irfan was bowling a hostile spell and hence defense was the best way to tackle him at least till the new ball. Ahmad decided to attack.

This ball was outside the off stump and hence for Ahmad creating an angle to hit the ball on the leg side was always a difficult preposition. He was not there entirely and he paid the price for it as well. The ball hit the top edge of his bat as he was going for that pull shot. As the ball went in the air inside the ring Ahmad knew someone will catch this one. This is what that happened. He was out on a little score that would have not troubled the WAPDA side at all. Asif on the other hand took 4 wickets. Asif and Irfan decimated the batting line of HBL and they will do the same again if the HBL batters did not change their technique against them. You just cannot attack these two straight away.

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