Mohammad Asif devastating spell against Australia

Back in 2010 before the spot fixing controversy Mohammad Asif devastated the Australian batting line with a brilliant new ball spell. He was given a gull support by a very young Mohammad Amir. These two took Australia out for just 88 runs.

Asif swung and seamed the ball and he used the overcast conditions perfectly. The Australian batting line was a strong one yet against the accuracy of Asif they looked below average batters. Asif showed that why he was the best when it comes to moving the ball in the air.

The first wicket was taken by Amir. Katich was man. The Australian opener had this habit of moving a lot on the off side while playing the ball. Here Amir hit his pads and it was a simple decision for the umpire. There was hardly a doubt on this one. Asif then struck against Watson. The right hander was taken lbw as well. This ball hit the deck and curved back in. Watson showed the full face of the bat to this one but the inward movement deceived him and the ball hit his back pad. The umpire raised his finger as Asif went for an appeal.

The third wicket went to Umar Gul. Clark was bowled out on a beauty from Gul. Gul first bowled all the ball with away movement. Each ball pitched and left Clark. This one came right back in and Clark was clearly baffled with the reverse movement. He gave the ball a gap in between his bat and pad and this one went through this gap.

The fourth wicket for Pakistan fell as Asif trapped the Australian skipper Ponting lbw. Asif brought he ball back and Ponting was making a forward movement. He could not control himself properly while playing this shot. He missed the ball and perished.

Umar Amin with his casual medium pace gave Pakistan the next one. North was caught behind to Amin here. There ball moved away a little bit and North was lunging forward to play at that one. He hit the edge here and that was it for him as well. Pakistan took out Australia for 88 runs which is one of their lowest test totals. The bowling from Pakistan was absolutely amazing. They hit the right line and length and made sure that the Australian players don’t get timing. The movement on the ball did the trick for the Pakistan bowling unit. They were on top of Australia.

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