Mind boggling bowling action from a young bowler

They say the smoothest your bowling run up and action is the better you will become as a bowler. Run up and bowling action act like the spine of an entire bowling structure for a bowler. But then there are some bowler who have a bowling action that is really strange and no close to being smooth and easy.

Here is a perfect example of it. This bowler here is from India and we can see him playing at a young domestic cricket championship. Now this kid has a bowling action that definitely boggles the mind of the batter as well as the fans.

This bowler right at the start of his run up looks out to be a right arm spinner and at the end he turns out to be a left arm. Now with this bowling run up it is really hard for him to continue further and much harder for him to reach the international cricket. The bowler here is a left arm orthodox spinner but only after releasing the ball. Before that he is kind of a bowler whom you cannot predict what he would bowl if you have not seen him bowling before. His bowling action is very-very strange for sure.

In international cricket we don’t see these kind of bowling actions. The last we remember was South African Chinaman Paul Adams and his bowling action was pretty weird. This bowling action stunned the world and now we see a few lot more with strange bowling actions.

The best thing is that we see this bowler getting a wicket as well. He bowled a length ball outside the off stump. The batsman tried to hit the ball long and hard. He was out of his crease while trying to hit a powerful shot. The ball was missed by him and the wicket keeper did the rest.

Now if this young kid wants to grow himself further in cricket, he has to alter his bowling action. He needs to change it because with this there are many things which will not be able to come to him. The variations is a one key factor here. For a spinner variations are must for a spinner. So for the variations this bowling action needs to be altered and make it smooth and straight. In international cricket at the moment there is no bowler who has this much strange bowling action. Indian cricket certainly has a lot of things to see and observe.

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