Maxwell amazing reverse sweeps six

Glenn Maxwell is a trick master when it comes to playing unorthodox shots in world cricket. Maxwell is a sheer force in the limited edition of the game. He is the powerhouse in the middle order for Australia that has won them many games.

Maxwell was the sheer force in Australia that gave them the ODI series against India. In the recent encounter between India and Australia, Maxwell once again showed his power but this time, he could not make the difference.

His reverse hit against Jadeja was one incredible hit. Jadeja was bowling to him from over the wicket on one such ball, Maxwell turned over from being a right-handed batsman to a left handed one and hit the ball straight over the fence for a six.

It was a full toss so Maxwell hardly had to do much about the line and length of the ball. The ball might have slipped out of Jadeja’s hand or he got a little bit confused right at the end watching Maxwell changing his batting position.

Whatever happened gave Maxwell a nice and juicy full toss and he hammered it from the middle of his bat and the ball sailed over the fence of the off side for a big six. It was a huge shot. This is what Maxwell is capable off.

The ending of the game was not a happy one for the Australians as Virat Kohli stole the show with his 82 not out. He was the winning factor from team India who stood against the Australian lineup and hit a series of boundaries in the final overs to take the game away.

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