Junaid Khan brilliant last over against England

Junaid Khan is specialist when it comes to delivering the Yorkers and fuller length balls in the final overs. He is absolutely amazing when it comes to saving runs in the final overs. We have seen in a lot of games Junaid saving few runs in the final overs.

He did it for Lancashire and even many a times for Pakistan. Junaid Khan is here is bowling to England and this is once again one of the best overs of his bowling career. He saved 18 runs in that over. Misbah straight away threw the ball at him.

Junaid Khan first ball was fuller in length and Swann could not even touch this one. it was full and Swan was completely defeated on this one. the next one was full and this time, Swann hit this one to long on. They batsmen took a single.

Bairstow came to the batting end and he was able to get a couple. Junaid wanted to hit a Yorker but it ended up as a full toss. This ball was fast and Junaid still managed to get it away. Junaid Khan one after the other bowled brilliantly. He did not get many runs and save the game for Pakistan. it was a beautiful over from the left arm pacer.

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