India tarnished by Shoaib Akhtar

Pakistani speed sensation Shoaib Akhtar was one of the best fast bowlers in the world. He was fast and he was furious when it comes to bowling in all three formats of the game. Shoaib was always the fast bowler one can dream about.

He had this habit of picking up wickets with the new and old ball both. Shoaib was not much of a swing bowler. He was more like a bowler who used to just steam in and because of his very high pace he used to get wickets.

Shoaib never compromised on his run up and pace and at the end, he had to pay for it. he got retired after he could not manage himself well enough in the ground.he used to get unfit a lot. A lot of people advised him to shorten his run up and reduce his pace in order to play long.Wasim did that and remained a complete success in his international career. Now even Dale Steyn is doing the same practice. He has reduced his pace just because  he wants to play long in the international cricket.

Shoaib was a different kind of bowler. Here we see him bowling against India and he took the Indian batters to the cleaners. He was bowling fast and took two wicket sin the final overs to give Indian chase a big dent.Shoaib first wicket was of Mohammad Kaif whom he bowled a slow ball and Kif was way too early in his shot.he sliced the ball straight to Shoaib Malik at the point. This was a pretty much easy catch for Malik. Next up was Zaheer Khan.

This was another fastball going straight into the stumps of Zaheer Khan. His pad came in front and the ball hit it before flying over the head of the wicket keeper Moin Khan. Two in two for Shoaib Akhtar and later Pakistan wrapped up the game.

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