Imad Wasim talking about Pakistan cricket and himself

Imad Wasim is the new sensation in Pakistan cricket. Within a very short span of time, he is famous. But at the same time, he has got all this because of his hard word and dedication towards cricket. He has really bowled and batted well in the recent past.

Imad played his first CPL season this year. The tour to the Caribbean helped him a lot. He played with players like Gayle, Sanga, Steyn and many others. Imad picked up important lessons on that tour and now he is transforming himself.

Imad in his latest interview said that he has learnt a lot of things as a player in CPL. He played with some big names of cricket in West Indies. He said that the experience he gained in CPL is helping him now in Pakistan team.

Imad said that fitness matters the most. You have to be fit in order to make it big. The modern cricket has changed a lot and it has now become all about fitness. Imad said that he has a very professional diet plan.He takes a lot of proteins. Imad said that Pakistan team under the coaching of Mickey Arthur has become a tough side now. He said that the England tour gave them some hard lessons and they have taken them seriously.

He said that Arthur wants Pakistan team to fight in the middle. To him the results hardly matter. He wants to see the team fighting and that is it. Imad also said that he is trying to become an all-rounder like Shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq.It is hard but not impossible. He said that the standards are very high when one looks at Afridi and Razzaq. But if you work hard like they did then one day you can become like them. It is all about hard work, patience and dedication towards your work and goals.

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