Gambhir crashes his should, retired hurt, 3rd test 2016

Indian test opener Gautam Gambhir met an unfortunate injury today. He is currently out in the dressing room retired hurt. The left hander was having problems with his right shoulders but this run out chance in which he saved himself with a long leap made his case worst.

Gambhir has been playing with a troubled shoulder. He was not getting the right motion in his right shoulder. Still, he was looking good. It was Boult who bowled a leg side ball to him. Gambhir placed the ball nicely on the leg side near the deep backward square.Now he ran the first one and then returned back for the second run as well. Gambhir thought that a couple of runs were pretty much easy to be taken in this shot. He was proven wrong by the fielder. He was onto the ball quickly.

Gambhir had to fly back to the batting crease to save himself. He hit a long dive and reached before the wicket keeper caught the ball and blew the bails off. The Indian opener went flat and did not recover from that dive.He smashed his shoulder right on the ground. The weight of his body was all on his right should at the end of the dive. Gambhir asked for the physio who came running in. The Indian physio asked Gambhir to move his shoulder to see any motion present or not.

It was zero. Gambhir failed to move his hand an inch. He was in severe pain and as a result, he had to take his walk back to the Indian dressing room. This injury is looking bad folks. Gambhir is making a test comeback and if this injury is bad then he will be out of the team again. This will hurt Gambhir a lot.

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