Dhoni’s wife breaks out in emotions

West Indies have done it once again. Fifth game and fifth win for them and with this last one they are into the finals of the world t20 2016 against England. West Indies surely will have the upper hand against the Englishmen as they have already defeated them in the group stage games.

Dhoni’s wife showed a lot of emotions throughout the whole night. She was dancing with each boundary team India hit. She was celebrating with her mates and at that stage, the game was with team India.

India batted first and posted a massive total of 191. Kohli stole the limelight once again with 89 not out. It seems that Kohli now knows hat every time he gets into the ground he will get runs. He is such a confident player now.

India were the winners for many because of the runs hey got in the first innings followed by taking down Gayle and Samuels early in the second innings. West Indies wanted Gayle storm hit Mumbai tonight but that did not happen.

It has Charles and Simmons who rescued West Indies from the early losses. Then later it was the fireworks of Andre Russell that heated things up in the big stadium in Mumbai. This was a night that belonged tot West Indies.

Dhoni’s wife facial expression started changing when the boundaries started coming towards West Indies way. The worry songs were there when the match entered the final over and with the last six she lost the control over her emotions. She was seen with a sad face watching his husband coming out of the ground with a defeated Indian team.

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