Bravo and Dhaka Dynamites team enjoying win, BPL 2016

Dhaka Dynamites became the first team to reach the finals of the BPL 2016. There win was a total team effort. All the major names tried to contribute in the game and their small performances gave the desired results to the team at the end.

Dhaka Dynamites had a terrible start to the game. Khulna Titans pace bowler Junaid Khan picked up their first three wickets in no time. After that the 4th wicket fell quickly as well. Dhaka side was struggling when they lost 4 quick wickets.

Nasir made 13 and Shakib was on 18 when these two got out as well. These two were looking to build a decent partnership for the Dhaka Dynamites. But then they got out to Fletcher who is not known for his bowling. In fact it was his second over in T20 when he got Nasir. In the third he took out Shakib.

Dhaka was saved by the West Indian dup of Russell and Bravo. Russell in particular batted really well for his 46. He made it look so easy to bat against all the Khulna bowlers. He hit his shots and made sure he scores at a very quick pace.

Bravo gave a good hand to Russell with his 23. He too played some lovely shots in the center. This helped Dhaka get to 140. In the bowling once again it was Russell and Bravo picking up 3 wickets apiece. These two West Indians made sure Khulna gets no way near to the score.

This is the reason that after the game Dhaka side was seen celebrating the win inside their bus. Bravo was singing his famous song Champion. He and others were dancing to the song and then Bravo asked veteran Sangakkara to join the party as well. Sanga showed a bit of his dancing moves as well. He was not professional though like the West Indians are but still he did his job. Bravo in the other hand kept on singing the song and enjoying his time after a big win. This is a really good win for the Dhaka side.

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