Bisma Maroof Silly Shot, Asia Cup Final vs India

Pakistan women team has lost the final of the Asia Cup 2016 to their arch rivals India. It was a good game of T20 cricket and Pakistan had the chance to clinch the game but eventually they fumbled once again in the batting.

It seems that either men or the women, Pakistan cricket lacks the batting techniques. It is always their batting which costs them games. Here Pakistan had a low T20 total to get and they have a good start to the batting as well. Yet the batting collapsed in the middle overs.

Bisma Maroof who is the new captain of the Pakistan side played really well but when she was looking dangerous she threw away her wicket. This was a really soft dismissal for Bisma. Pakistan needed her in the center.

Bisma made 25 runs of 26 balls. She was the leading scorer for Pakistan. Bisma before getting out hit a really good shot to finish the previous over. He charged down the track against the right arm off spinner and hit the ball towards the deep mid-wicket.

This shot earned him a four. Now this ball was converted into a full toss by Bisma. The motion she gave herself just before the ball was bowled made her reach the ball on the full. Once it was converted into a full toss it was easy picking for the Pakistani skipper.

But then in the next over she just scooped back a length ball to the off spinner Anuja. This was a poor shot. The ball was bowled pretty full to Bisma and from that length there was less chance of the ball spinning and causing some trouble to Bisma. But still the Pakistan batter could not manage this one and was out caught and bowled by Anuja.

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