Bad umpiring in India England 4th test, Bairstow review

Subcontinent and even places like Bangladesh and UAE have pitches where if there is no DRS then surely you will see a lot of wrong decisions given by the umpire. Before the review system was implemented there were a lot of bad decisions seen.

Yesterday in the final session of the day’s play between India and England, we saw two classic example of how DRS is helping the batters a lot in India. England’s wicket keeper batsman Bairstow was given out caught twice and both times the ball was miles away from his bat.

The first appeal was made when the ball hit his pads and was caught in the slips. Now here the ball was at a good distance away from his bat and yet the umpire Bruce gave it out. Bairstow reviewed it straight away and escaped away from the initial decision.Now after a few overs the same incident happened again. This time Bairstow was trying to use his feet and kill the spin on the ball. Ashwin was clever to bowl this one much shorter in length. The ball spun and hit the front pad.

The ball went aerial and the short leg fielder caught the ball before it could hit the ground. Now team India knew what they had to do after it. They made a huge and put Bruce the umpire under pressure. This was again given out and again Bairstow was immediate to ask for a review. The moment Bairstow signaled for a review, the umpire had his shoulders down. This showed that there was an element of doubt in the eyes of the umpire as well. Once again the replay showed that there was a day night distance between the ball and the bat.

It was the pressure which Indian team kept on the umpire that omitted out two major mistakes from the umpire in a span of few overs. Bairstow was lucky that there were reviews left with the England team. If there was not any then they would have been in real trouble. Alastair Cook was shaking his head after the review saved his player. This is the reason that on such tracks the review system matters a lot. The ball starts to spin from day one and hence there is always a chance that such bad decisions will show up. Kohli was laughing after he saw the first decision being reviewed and changed. He knew the ball did not hit the bat.

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