Amir breaks helmet, Pakistan vs West Indies, 2nd ODI 2016

Another brilliant batting performance from Pakistan. The openers failed but the middle order shined this time. The likes of Babar, Shoaib and Sarfraz were the pick of the innings for Pakistan today. All of them were absolutely brilliant.

Malik took the initial charge. Babar played a supportive role with him. Malik was pretty harsh against left-arm spinner Benn. He hit him for plenty of sixes. Malik overall hit 6 sixes in his 90 runs innings. He made sure that he devastates the West Indian bowling line-up.

Babar, on the other hand, was busy in getting singles and doubles at that particular stage of the game. He did not take any chance. He was there batting with confidence and a plan. He did hit the ball to the boundaries. It is not like he did not hit anything hard.He too was amongst boundaries but it was Malik who hit a lot of them. Babar opened up after Malik got out. Sarfraz came in and we all know how he bats. There was a sense of urgency on the pitch when Sarfraz was batting.

Pakistan had Babar Azam getting a hundred. Malik made 90 while Sarfraz remained not out on 60. This was a magnificent combination of sheer performance with the bat. All three of them took the responsibility and remained dedicated to the cause.Pakistan now has a huge total to defend. The kind of bowling they have and the way West Indies has batted so far in this series. Pakistan has a huge chance of wrapping up this second game in their favor and taking away the series as well.

Amir has just hit the helmet here. The ball was banged in the middle of the pitch and bravo did not expect this much pace from Amir. He was late in moving his head away. The ball came right in for his face and hit it bang. The ball breaks out the back part of the helmet. This is hostile bowling from Amir.

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