Amazing shot by woman cricketer in WBBL

The WBBL is currently on in Australia and there are some great games played so far. The women cricket in Australia is very competitive and we can see the women cricketers giving it everything to win the match for their sides.

A lot of good shots are played in almost all the games. Some of them are excellent and this one here is one of them. This was a reverse hit and the women cricketer middle this one perfectly. The ball almost went for a six on the off side.

It seems that the shot selection is getting better and better with all the innovations. Even in the women cricket now the batters tend to play shots that were considered to be men’s belonging in the past. The reverse hit is the perfect example of it.

In the past we mostly saw the men cricketers playing shots like reverse sweep and switch hits. But now as T20 cricket is the new face of entertainment and power in cricket, female cricketers have started to transform their batting techniques. There was nothing bad on this ball. The bowler bowled it within the stumps. There was a good decent pace behind it but the way the batter moved and played her shot absolutely nailed this one. She did not take much time and that was the key here.

The ball was coming and she quickly switched her position and we could see that all her stumps were exposed behind her. So this means that had she missed her shot was a certainly out either bowled or lbw. But she did not miss her shot at all. This was hit so perfectly that the ball almost carried to the fence for a six. There was one bounce taken by the ball before it went on the other side of the fence. This also shows that the female cricketers are working on their muscles as well.

Last day we discussed Harmanpreet shot that stunned everyone. She hit a sox over extra cover. Now that is one part of the ground where hitting a six is pretty hard. You need power and timing both at the highest level to hit a six over extra cover. Kaur just put his bat forward and he ball sailed over the fence. That was a stunning piece of timing. Here the shot was different but then again the execution was a perfect one. WBBL is certainly delivering a lot of entertainment to the crowd.

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